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12 Piece Diesel Engine Compression Test KIT
12 Piece Diesel Engine Compression Test KIT ..
479.70€ 399.00€
Ex Tax: 324.39€
12 Piece Diesel Engine Compression Test KIT
12 Piece Diesel Engine Compression Test KIT ..
306.27€ 279.00€
Ex Tax: 226.83€
20 Piece Radiator Pressure Test Kit
Ex Tax: 260.00€
3-12V DC LED Automotive Multi Tester
Suitable for checking continuity/broken wires, finding live wires, other DC voltage testing from ..
Ex Tax: 12.90€
560mm Flexible Magnetic Pick up Tool
Expert Quality, chrome plated flexible shaft with plastic handle and removable protective cap ove..
Ex Tax: 4.09€
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6 Piece Injector Noid Light Kit
Quick, efficient and economic way to fault find on the following electronic fuel (EFI) systems: ..
Ex Tax: 24.65€
610mm Fully Flexible Claw Action Pick Up Tool
Ex Tax: 7.90€
7 Piece Petrol Engine Compression Test KIT
7 Piece Petrol Engine Compression Test KIT ..
Ex Tax: 158.00€
Battery and Alternator Analyser for 12V DC Systems
Checks battery charge level and alternator output level. 880mm of insulated cable with test pro..
Ex Tax: 13.90€
Diesel Flow and Adaptors Kit
Expert Quality, comprehensive kit for performing the simple test to determine return flow from th..
277.98€ 159.00€
Ex Tax: 129.27€
Digital Petrol Engine Compression Test
158.67€ 99.00€
Ex Tax: 80.49€
Digital Vernier Caliper
Expert Quality, manufactured from hardened stainless steel. Extra large display reading 0.01mm ..
60.27€ 48.00€
Ex Tax: 39.02€
EOBD Memory Saver
Allows removal of vehicle batteries without losing memories or settings for ICE systems, digita..
Ex Tax: 37.18€
Flexible Shaft Inspection Mirror
Fully flexible shaft and fixed head with mirror 55mm diameter to give good visibility in conceale..
Ex Tax: 12.90€
Infrared Thermometer
An easy to use 12: 1 ratio infra-red thermometer. This compact and portable tool enables profes..
97.17€ 54.00€
Ex Tax: 43.90€
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